Vinyl Swimming Pool Construction

After laying out the pool, an excavation crew digs a hole according to the pool’s specification.

Normally the side excavation is several feet beyond the finished pool perimeter to allow for assembly and a concrete footing to be installed.

What We Do:

We use excavation experts.

The pool’s wall as then installed.

This is one place a pool builder can separate themselves from other builders. It’s customary to set the grid on 12” centers. This works great for areas without clay or moving soil. However, here in the Ohio Michigan region, where the clay soil shifts and, at times, seems to be in constant movement, a stronger pool is needed. Strength is needed if the pool is to withstand the push and pull of this clay soil.

What We Do:

We build our pools using the strongest polymer wall available. 

Plumbing inlets and outlets are set in the walls.

What We Do:

We use all 2” plumbing on both the suction and return sides for better circulation and to reduce strain on the pool equipment, producing less electricity usage. In addition, we us only schedule 40 pipe and fittings.

Pool bottom is installed.

This is another place a pool builder can separate themselves from other builders. Some older builders still us a sand/concrete mixture. This is not advised by the vinyl liner manufacturers. Most builders now use what is called Pool Crete. This provides a porous yet smooth finish for the liner to lay on. 

What We Do:

We use Pool Crete, installing it at least 2” thick.

The vinyl liner is installed.

It is up to the builder to decided when it is best to install the vinyl liner. On some projects it is advantageous to install the liner before backfilling. On others projects it is better to install the liner after the backfill, on occasions, even putting the liner in after the concrete deck is poured. Stay informed by your builder. Know why the builder is making the decisions he is making. Some pool walls are simply not strong enough to handle the water weight, requiring the pool to be backfilled first. Walls can become out of level or crooked. For this reason, the dirt used to backfill is put in loosely and not packed in. Additional temporary bracing of the walls is sometimes needed to prevent issues.

What We Do:

We take great care.

The pool’s equipment is installed.

You have many equipment options. Ask questions and make sure you are getting what you expect. This is yet another place a pool builder can separate themselves from other builders. Every customer deserves to know the equipment options they have. Be sure to ask about energy efficiency, as some pieces of equipment can cause you to use double the amount of electricity. In addition, make sure you are getting name brand equipment, not inexpensive knock-offs or inferior brands.

What We Do:

We inform you of your choices and only use name brand equipment. 

To finish the vinyl swimming pool it gets filled with water. 

Epic Pools USA can design and build the hardscaping.

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